Thursday, February 12, 2009


A couple of things to post up about. First off, some words from the Shop Boys:

I can't go wrong
When I'm stuck off in my zone
Betta do what you gon do
Cause I won't be with you long
I be roooooooooollin
I be rollin
Hey I be rollin
I be roooooooooollin
I be rollin
Hey I be rollin


Here Cale spins (or rolls, heh) while I take a photo. Have you ever seen so many pink objects in a room that's not an eight-year-old girl's? We're on Cale's converted-to-road CX bikes because our road bikes are on the way to CA. This is our set-up in the garage, with the bikes facing the projector screen. I think we watched Slumdog Millionaire that night. I like to watch the IT Crowd while spinning, but sometimes I laugh so hard I can't keep pedaling.

Next up, new Pegasus t-shirts. I used up all my creative juices trying to be entertaining here, so just go check that out, will you? To boil it down, these shirts are glow-in-the-dark. You know how cool that used to be? And you know how hot reflective ink is right now? Well, lest it seem like we're jumping on the bandwagon of the oh-so-hot reflective ink, I'm banking on glow-in-the-dark becoming hipster-ironic and retro soon.

Wait. Maybe I should have put BOTH on the shirt. Shit.

Oh whelp. Normal looking in the daylight:
New Pegasus T-Shirt

Surprise For You in the dark:

For those who've gotta know, we'll be selling them for $15 just after we get back from California. That'll give the team (and friends- that could be you!) time to call dibs, and the rest will go up to the public on the 25th or so.

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