Tuesday, February 10, 2009

People Show

The other day, I went back to the Y and ran for an entire hour. I know, you're impressed. While I was doing laps I was listening to music and just generally looking around at the people I was on the track with, the people coming in, going out, etc. It's fun to imagine where they've come from and why they come around to the Y. Sometimes people waiting to check in will meet your eye as they scan the track. My eye happened to catch a tv that was showing the Westminster Dog Show. At that moment, they were showing different breeds, all highly groomed, being trotted around the ring. I had to laugh at the similarities. All shapes and sizes of us, jogging in circles around the track, suited up in outfits, tennis shoes, headphones.

Speaking of outfits, I broke down and bought a pair of spandex capris and some new shoes. No longer do I have to scrape together something I'm slightly embarrassed to be seen out in public with. Sorry Elizabeth- no more cycling padding for me. The shoes were more of a necessity, though. I've been wearing Cale's for running, because my old pair would give me blisters within 30 min. Even with Cale's, I taped the 'blister zone' just to be cautious. These new ones work well, and they were on clearance for $15. Score. I don't know how good they are, but I figured if they gave me trouble, I'd be out a pair of running shoes and up a pair of casual walking shoes. This is them:

I'm happy to report that I still rep the cycling spandex, though. The shorts don't have pockets, so I've been wearing cycling tops with pockets in the back. Today I wore Cale's WI CX Series Champion jersey Not a bad look, if you ask me:

(I hate taking pictures of myself in the mirror, but for the sake of this blog having pictures, I did it. For you.)

In other running related news, I read Joe Friel's blog the other day, and had a little to think about. He talked (typed) about how core strength is important to running. To paraphrase it, it's important because it keeps your hips steady, which in turn puts less stress on your knees. It pretty much just keeps your body in alignment. Again, that's glossing over it, but that's what I took from it. I did notice on previous runs that my hips would start to roll when I got tired. I also realized that what I've considered the fittest looking running form had all the marks of a strong core. So I focused on core strength, and could actually feel it. All this working out appears to be making a difference!

I'm starting to be able to pick out the regulars, which makes me a bit of a regular, myself. It's funny, but I don't categorize myself with anyone else at the gym. I feel a lot like when I was in college, doing an internship at the ad agency downtown in an office full of women. They were nice, but I felt out of place. I did not get my hair highlighted or my nails done. I felt a lot like a kid trying to play dress up in high heels and shabby clothes (hehe, and they were). I feel like I'm playing at being into fitness, when really I would just characterize myself as a fitness slob (no wheat grass, no 8 hrs of sleep/night, the occasional alcohol) dabbling in the gym while training for my sport. I wonder how long it will be before I'm found out, tied to an elliptical machine and thrown into the river.

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