Sunday, March 1, 2009

Planning Ahead. Way Ahead.

I won't tell exactly you what I've got planned for Cross Vegas (which is a good part of a year away) but I'd have you know it involves looking very closely at USA Cycling's rules about what exactly can be worn during a cyclocross race...

"1N5. Jerseys must be worn in all races and shall cover the shoulders. Sleeveless jerseys are allowed only in non-international MTB races. Skin suits may not be worn in Pro gravity events per UCI rules. No additional equipment, whether worn over or under a rider's uniform, which has the effect of reducing wind resistance is permitted, except in the case of inclement weather, additional covering designed solely to protect against precipitation or cold may be worn. However, shoe covers are permitted in any conditions.
(a) The rider and uniform must be clean at the beginning of a race. Uniforms may be any color but helmets, shoes, or clothes that are torn, or in disrepair may not be used.
(b) Advertising may appear only on the uniform, including caps, shoes, and helmet of riders who are racing members of sponsored clubs [disqualification for other advertising]. The club's name must appear on the front and back or two sides of the jersey. The name may be abbreviated."

Hmmm, so far, so good...

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