Monday, March 9, 2009


The WORS handbook is apparently arriving at mountain bike lovers' doors across this great state. Right about the middle is an ad that I did for Hayes Bicycle Group featuring Sun Ringlé Black Flag wheels, the Manitou R7 and Hayes Disc Brakes Stroker Grams.


As projects go, it went pretty quickly once I got the idea. First I thought blocks of color at an angle to kind of clearly separate the products and make the layout dynamic, then I thought of adding photos from last year's WORS season. This is where I needed help, though. I didn't do any WORS races and had no personal photos to work with. I turned to the good people of Flickr to see if I could come up with something.

There were many, many photos to choose from, but I had my heart set on a few particular ones, so I set about asking for permission to use them. The top photo (in grey) is Amy Dykema's (velogrrl on Flickr) photo of a race getting started, I believe at Sheboygan. The middle (feat. Velocorapture/Claire) and bottom photos belong to John Wrycza- check out his 'Best of WORS' on Picasa. I can't thank these two photographers enough! They took the time to help me with this project and the ad definitely wouldn't be the same without their photos. Can you imagine? Just those shiny old Hayes Bicycle Group Products? ...Uh-oh, I think I just complimented my way into a corner. Time to call Hayes and apologize before the media storm hits :)

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