Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rewind: Thursday in San Diego

To finish up the rest of my San Diego Trip, I'll flip through some pictures here. On Thursday morning we went for a ride, then in the afternoon we visited the tide pools at Cabrillo State Beach, and then Coronado Island with it's famous hotel, Hotel Del Coronado. Oh, and after all that we went and had dinner with Cale's aunt and uncle and then soaked in their hot tub. It was a fun day, but geez, were we ever packing it in. I thought the highlight of the day was the trip to the tide pools at Cabrillo State Beach. It was really nice to just wander around by the ocean, looking at stuff and soaking up some sun.



This is one of my favorite photos from the day. Lyle took it.

Here's the obligatory shot of the hotel:

Hotel Del Coronado

It was really neat inside. The lobby's ceiling kind of reminded me of a big ship. It was tall with dark stained wood, and you could see the structure and the beams. After we poked around there, we went and had some appetizers at a bar before continuing our journey.

We quickly drove home and grabbed the fish we had caught the day before. I think it probably would have looked like we were ransacking the place. There were three of us running around, yelling back and forth, "Did you get the fish? Don't forget the seasoning!" and "Do you want a sweatshirt?" "Will they have booze?" all the while going from room to room grabbing a case of beer here, a wallet there 'til our hands were full. After the 45 second looting, we drove over to Cale's aunt and uncle's home/mansion to prepare the fish. Cale fixed the fish while Kelly chopped.

Pile of Fish

Here's the fruit (har-har) of Kelly's labor. The oranges, lemons and limes were fresh picked from the back yard, of course. *Jealous*

Chopping Block

After all that tough work of sight seeing and eating, it was time for a soak in the hot tub. I think you should know, Wisconsin, that year-round weather was discussed and you lost. Click on the picture to see the lot of us.

Hottubbin' is not a word.

After this we pretty much stumbled home to bed. Exhausting!

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