Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snips and the Move

We made it! Joey, Emily Joy and Kate came over to help me pack, and Dad came to lend a hand and his F150. With the truck, Kate's trailer and a 15 passenger van we'd borrowed, we moved everything to the packing location in one trip! Of course, that trip was during rush hour traffic, but you can't win them all.


Such excellent friends, to help me move. Andy generously loaned his roof rack, too, so I was able to drive down with 5 bikes on the roof.

On Saturday morning we loaded up the car, mostly with artwork, and headed out. As a side note, the moving truck just got here this morning (Tues) and am I ever glad I took the artwork with me! I'm not sure if anything got broken yet, but things sure got shifted and squished.

Here's the car riding low.


After taking the photo, I shuttled Snips into the car. We had planned on giving him a little something to sedate him for the first leg, but he ralphed that up. That sums up the whole move for Snips: traumatizing. In car trips past, he's meowed for 45 minutes, then settled down and slept, but not this time. He spent the whole 13 hours panting, meowing, and cramming himself in small places. The last few hours he finally settled down, but insisted on being swaddled tightly in a towel.

Shoving his head under a box:








Aaand at last.


I'd feel bad about taking so many photos of an animal so clearly distressed, but there was nothing to do for him. I tried shushing, petting, etc etc. He would not be consoled. Once we got to the house, though, he settled right down and seems to love the place. Lots of windows to watch birds, and a backyard to explore. He took to it quickly. So though he did indeed suffer, you can all rest assured that he's none worse for the wear.

Lots to catch up on here, but much to unpack! More later.


D A N O said...

Poor Snips.
Keep up the blog! Even more now that your on the other side of the country.

Rachel said...

The photo sequence made me laugh out loud. Twice.