Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunrises: They are all that.

Last night was a late night, and this morning is an early morning.

I headed home from work around 1AM and got home only to find that I couldn't sleep. There are just too many things to think about these days, first and foremost the catalog that has to go to print in just a few hours. I wound up getting up, showering, and coming back to work around 3:30AM. Lucky I did, though, because I found plenty of things that needed tweaking. So here I sit, awaiting edits- the calm before the storm, and the last few hours of concentrated stress on my calendar before moving.

Just before handing it off, and right around sunrise, I looked outside and there was some really pretty fog in the field next to Hayes.

sunrise 009

sunrise 005

sunrise 013

As I turned to get back to the grind, I noticed it was shifting from the field and seeping over the road toward Hayes. Retreat!

sunrise 014


K8 said...


D A N O said...

Huge dedication to work those hours.
Awesome pics....
Hope all go's well with the move and your future......
Keep the blog rolling.....