Sunday, August 21, 2011

Everything's Coming up Milverine

After a few really hectic and stressful weeks, large projects are finally getting done, and it feels gooood! Today's a long day at work, then I should be home free.

Excellent things which I have done:
Put up the family art show.
Cut and installed the largest vinyl decal I've done yet for the family art show.
Enjoyed the family art show's opening with friends and family!
Packed all the bikes I need to.
Carefully packed all the artwork I'm taking to NC.
Caught the fish, dug out the plants and cleaned the sand from the 55 gallon fish tank.
Sold my track bike to Vicky.
Got Vicky and Cupcake to help me move the fish tank by luring them to the apartment with a track bike.
Sold said tank for enough to buy a lovely small Fluval Edge Aquarium to take with me to NC.

On the way home from the Aquatics Unlimited, I was driving through Milwaukee and going past places that brought back memories. Leon's Frozen Custard, the Asian food store on 27th St, my old house on Montana St, the Ben's Cycle and Fitness and Bayview/KK area... I was feeling pleased with my industrious ways and enjoying the mild, sunny weather and thinking about the other places I should go and things I should see before heading out in less than a week.

Then, one very special piece of Milwaukee I had forgotten about came striding down the sidewalk toward me as I drove north. Shoulders back, arms in the slightly bowed muscle-bound action figure position, orange evening sun glowing on a tanned chest... !!!!

It was the Milerine! I'll explain. Or, I'll explain as well as I can.

Milverene bears a striking resemblance to Wolverine, and he's often seen on 1st St in Milwaukee. He's usually shirtless, sometimes with his shirt hanging out of his back pocket. Even when it's cold, though, you can spot him by his walk, facial hair and tousled 'do. There's a facebook page where his movements are tracked.

It was special to see him one last time. Really special.

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Elizabeth said...

Aww...It is so charming that milwaukee loves you so much that it gave you one last milverine sighting!! Have a lovely, lovely drive out there and maybe we'll come say high when we're swinging through sometime!