Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween Wrap Up

Get with the program! Here are some older posts about the process of making the Equestrian costume.
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Alright, you adoring fans, you. You wanted the finished Equestrian costume, so here goes.

I borrowed a helmet from a coworker's mom. I didn't have a backup plan and I got it a few days before Halloween.. luckily it was perfect, if a little large. Easily solved- Halloween is the time for wigs, and I had one left over from last year. Helmet is pictured below, wig is not. Those luscious tresses are mine, all mine!


I also got the breeches and boots on the same day, so I came home and hopped on the bike for a test ride. This is before I added the bridle and saddle.

Test Ride

This is what it looked like before the tack. I never did get the hounds painted and attached. They were going to get attached to the pedals. While it would have been exceedingly hard to get on and off the bike with them there, I think it would have been TOTALLY WORTH IT to see them 'bounding' along with each pedal stroke. Alas.

The Bay Beauty

Here it is at the race (Photo by Karen Larson):

Stolen Photo

What, want some more photos of me and the horse that I stole from other people? Suuure! I never did pose for a picture with my camera, so I thank those who got pictures.

This one's from John Owen. I was pretty much mobbed as soon as I pulled up to the race- I should have taken my bag off! There's my ratty wig, with my actual hair sticking out the bottom.

Stolen Photo

Speaking of getting to the race, and also of thanks, I owe Nick H. many thanks for letting me borrow his big 15 passenger van to transport the horse and my regular bike! I don't think I've ever been more uncomfortable driving than I was when driving that gigantic mass of metal. Luckily we both made it out unscathed.

And of the actual race? I planned on doing an awesome job racing the Women's 1/2, then doing a second race with the horse bike. The only other race I could do, according to an official, was the Men's 1/2. So I told eeeeveryone to look for the horse in the Men's 1/2 in the first lap, because I planned on doing one lap and then getting out of the way. The best laid plans of mice and men...

I did not do an awesome job in my race. It was almost what you'd call.... terrible. My racing lately has not been all that great, and that combined with a hot, hot, hot costume was enough to pretty much do me in. The one year I'm wearing a bunch of clothing, it's too hot for it! The nerve. Anyway, on the run up I asked a friend to hand me off the horse in the pit. The next time around I grabbed it and the fun began. I lost the race to everyone else, I think, but I was proclaimed winner of all costume contests in the land.

Stolen Photo
Photo from here.

Stolen Photo
Photo from here.

These I just flat out took from Peloton-Pix, but I'm planning on buying them, along with a few more, at the end of the season. So we're cool?

Stolen Photo

Stolen Photo

Thanks again for photos and/or comments on the costume. It took about two weeks total of about three hours a night, minus a night or two. It sounds like a lot of work, and it was, but I found myself actually skipping around at times. I had a ball making this thing! Gotta plan next year's now...


cassondra said...

Love the costume for you and your steed. Thanks for sharing!

Achtervolgers said...

As a former equestrian, I must say I love your horse bike. My steeds are long gone to equine heaven, so my bikes are my horses now.

Slonie said...

Amazing. To step up my game for next Halloween, I'd probably have to start now!

Eloy said...


no one will ever top this!!