Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Costume, #1

Here's how this is gonna go. First off, Halloween approaches, so I'm working on my most complicated costume yet. Second, I've been uploading family pictures to archive them, and running into costumes from years past that my mom made. So I figure, this is decent blog content. I'm going to do a few posts of different parts of the costume coming together, and post a different old photo each time, too.


"What's this?" you ask. "You said you were going to post photos of yourself- you said nothing of Jane Seymour, star of Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, a series about the trials and adventures of a female doctor in a small wild west town." Well look closer! That is in fact me, 'riding' a paper mache horse w/o legs that was suspended from me using... suspenders! I loved watching Dr. Quinn with my parents.

This year's costume is just starting to take form. I'm going as an equestrian on a fox hunt. I went to a thrift store and raided the blazer section, and I found two likely candidates. I couldn't really decide, since they both had some good points. I agonized over the decision, before buying both for $2.95 apiece. This way I figure, I can ruin one altering it and still have a backup.

First victim is the one on the right.

As always, the cat is helping.
What? Is helping.

More later!

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