Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Costume, #4 & 5

This was my neighbor, Pat, who was apparently conflicted as to what to go as for Halloween. Pirate? Cowboy? Pirate Cowboy! Heheh, that looks like a pillowcase on his head. Looks like I'm casting a spell with my beWITCHing eyebrows. Har har.


As a bonus, here's another picture of Pat and I. (Wonder what he's up to these days.) I love this photo because I remember these pajamas, and the horse dad made for me. And of course Tiger Kitty, truly a saint among tiger striped kitties.

What a patient animal.

It's been two (or three?) costume nights since I last posted.

The horse is cut out.


Cale helped me attach both cut outs to both sides.



I did the rear haunches first, to see how things would go. It worked alright!


Sunday night I worked on the head and neck, and tonight I did the front legs, tail and nearly got the mane done. One more night with the goo, finishing the mane and putting another coat of strips, and I should be done with that stuff.

Here's the head and neck all taped up and ready to go. Note the bib over the handlebars.


Here it was at the end of last night.


Tonight, taping up the tail...


...the front legs and the mane, while Cale builds up the new Pugsley in the background.


I tried using a little different technique while working on the tail. For the rest of the horse, it was easiest to kind of criss cross (no, not Kris Kross) the strips to make the smoothest surface. I tried a unidirectional approach, and I'm just pleased as punch with myself.


Nice, right? Here's where I got to tonight.


Today I broke down and bought some boots (but ones that I'll wear after Halloween as well) and a pair of breeches online. They just were not forthcoming. However, I managed to borrow a riding crop and a helmet, things I would probably never use again (yeah yeah, I know, riding crop, hee hee!). The crop needs a little work, as it's missing a piece of leather at the end, but I can use the leather coat I bought at the thrift store to fix it up. So here's my modified to-do list:

1) [DONE] cut out horse(s)
2) [DONE] attach them to bike
3) [DONE] find a way to attach front legs to fork/possible front fender (any ideas?)
4) [mostly DONE] paper mache horse
5) make 'saddle', bridle and half-chaps (to cover calves and look like boots) from leather jacket already purchased
6) switch out thread in sewing machine, sew up jacket
7) sew velvet collar onto jacket
8) paint horse and dogs
9) attach dogs to pedals
10) [DONE] find/buy breeches, riding crop


Rachel said...

A. The second picture: you are ADORABLE.

2. Can we use "epic" for this costume?

KW said...

Wow! That is incredible - I can't wait to see you riding the horse on Saturday! I think you win the costume contest hands down - nice work!

amelia said...

holy crap this is awesome!!!! wish i was going to be in wisco to see it!

D A N O said...

One word..... that is epic!

OK, three words.

Snacks said...

Just you guys wait! I myself cannot wait to see it all together. I've been dreaming of it for months, and all the pieces are finally coming in! These are exciting times we live in.

Edie said...

Your mom would have been proud to know that she has a daughter capable of such an imaginative project. And even more so, she'd be impressed to know that you could actually pull it off!!! Now let's see the finished product!


Elizabeth said...

sooooo....when are you going to reveal the for realz pictures of this beast??? I've seen facebook shots but I'm waiting for details!

asoac said...

I love your idea of the dogs riding along the horse.

Great job