Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Costume, #3

I think this is the earliest Halloween photo I have. My mom made me a .. what would you call that? Mask? Helmet? out of a paper bag. Yes, I literally I had a bag over my head. I can still remember it, it had glitter eyes and yarn hair.

Halloween Horse

Night three of costume making. I cooked up another batch of goo. Add this to the short list of things I can cook! Jeremy taped some features on his balloon form head and went over them...

Jeremy's Head

and I finished another Hound (the other one I put a primer on the other day).


I started on the horse this evening, too. Gotta hit it hard tomorrow! Here's how I figured out how large to make the horse.

Step 1) I printed out a picture of a Breyer model horse on transparent sticker paper that looked just about right, then I cut it up and stuck it back together to modify it, drawing where I needed to. Then I stuck it to an overhead projector.


Step 2) I projected it over the bike, so I could size it.

Sizing up the horse to the bike.

Step 3) Out with the bike, in with the cardboard. Trace.

Remove bike, put up cardboard.

That's what I got done tonight, after working on signage for the Pegasus race this weekend. I tell you, I'm super busy but I love it. All these fun and interesting things to do after work. MAKING things!

To Do:
1) cut out horse(s)
2) attach them to bike
3) find a way to attach front legs to fork/possible front fender (any ideas?)
4) paper mache horse
5) make 'saddle', bridle and half-chaps (to cover calves and look like boots) from leather jacket already purchased
6) switch out thread in sewing machine, sew up jacket
7) sew velvet collar onto jacket
8) paint horse and dogs
9) attach dogs to pedals
10) find/buy breeches, riding crop
11) make more numbered lists, because I clearly have a thing for them

Uhhh, phwew. And a little over a week left 'til the race. But I WILL get it done, and it WILL look superb.

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