Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Steudel Show?

A while ago, my aunts asked me if I'd want to participate in an art show with them and my cousins. My grandpa Steudel was an insurance salesman, but he would buy framed art from garage sales (even velvet paintings!) and paint over them with oil paints. (That story what sticks out in my mind, anyhow.) He did mostly paintings of the North woods near Tomahawk where he had a cottage (now my aunt and uncle's home). Anyhow, he was artistically talented, and many of the Steudel family women (his daughters and graddaughters) are, too.

My aunt Andy works in oils and pastels, as my aunt Pam does as well. There's not much that my cousin Rachel and aunt Edie don't work in, though Edie specializes in wonderful charcoal drawings. Her son Travis enjoys doing found object and recycled materials sculptures. I did my share of clay in high school, and I still work in a few different mediums, though oils, impractical as they are, are still my favorite.

My aunts call themselves the Steudel women, as if they'd never had a name change. I think in part because of this, I've always viewed my artistic abilities (they come in varying degrees, now- I'm not tooting my own horn!) as not really an accomplishment of my own but a gift I've inherited as part of the Steudel family. As in, of course I'm artistic, it's just in my blood!

But in any case, I submitted some paintings from college and a sculpture based on the Mexican circle of friends. One thing's for sure; I do love bright, chromatic colors.

Now we wait for a while to see if our show proposal passes. With any luck, we'll be exhibiting in Plymouth. It's not a big deal, exactly, but it would be really neat to get all of the family's art together in one show. Here's hoping!

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