Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Day

On New Year's day, Cale and I met up with some friends at Palomino, then went to watch the crazies bike into Lake Michigan. It was delayed because ice had frozen over the entire beach- a kayak was employed to break up the ice and push it aside. Unfortunately, the ice was not to be domesticated so easily. The kayaking guy had to go home before the dip, so conditions were a little dangerous. This banana was one of the first people in, and certainly the first fruit in:

The tandem ladies went in- word was they had traveled from some far-off Western state to participate in the polar plunge, for some reason.

I caught this photo with pure luck:

After watching the plunge, we biked like hell for home. Brrrrr, so cold! I spent a few hours trying to warm up. After that, we went to the Domes with Jon and Elizabeth to check out the new LED lighting. It was pretty cool, but really the Domes are still the same thing they always were. Kinda cool, kinda just really old. It was nice to see a lot of people there, though. The breasts (nicknamed for their shapes) were definitely the busiest I've seen them.

By sheer coincidence, both Cale and Jo were wearing their Gnome Fest shirts, and there juuust happened to be a gnome display in the seasonal dome. Coincidence or fate?

To make the Domes more interesting, when we spotted a beautiful silken mullet, we made it our goal to photograph and pose by it.

We think he began to suspect... Hopefully he wasn't scarred too deeply.

Mm-mm! What gorgeous, silken locks. Mm.

Well, that just about did it for New Year's Day. We went out to eat and then went back to the apartment to watch some Planet Earth and discuss a training plan. That's right, I bit the bullet and decided to train for next season. Jon's got some good experience with coaching, and it's nice to have someone who knows me and can actually meet with me in person. Anyhow, we discussed the torture- I mean, training regimen, and hopefully in a week or so I'll be on the path to total cycling domination. Ladies better watch out next year, because I'm coming for them.

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