Sunday, January 25, 2009


We went to the fish store today to trade in some plants, and we picked up some new fish. We got another hatchet fish, along with a pair of rainbow fish. (Here's what they look like.)

Thing is, one of them has a deformed face, so that the lips on one side of its face don't really close, and the same cheek is a little sunken. So he looks less like those fish and more like Two Face from Batman.

I guess we could make a fuss and return him, but he's lived this long, and you can't manufacture that kind of character. Below is a picture of the tank in all its real plant glory, with Two Face and his buddy (the two blue/silver fish) on the left.

It isn't often that Snips gets to combine sitting on laps with watching the fish, so when the opportunity arises, he gets right on it.

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The Shed Master said...

You're wrong - I can manufacture that kind of character.
It's one of my special skills.