Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas '08

For Christmas Eve, Cale and I did his family's thing- we headed up to Cedarburg for church and then a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner that his mom prepared. We opened some presents and had a very nice evening, chatting and snacking away the rest of it. The next day (that would be Christmas) we drove up to Tomahawk, to spend a few days with my relatives. During Thanksgiving, we left the cat at home. He was pretty traumatized by it, so I decided to try to take him along. He was a little unhappy at first...

...but he got used to it after a while. Once we got up there, he taught the dogs a few lessons, too.

But this is about all we did while we were up there. Mmm, hangin' out and not doing much. Cale cooked a nice dinner, I framed a painting, we read books. We tried skiing, too, but the snow was too deep and soft. It was good exercise, though.

I accomplished one thing- a pastel painting of a marsh. My Aunt Andy gave me some of her art supplies and taught me how to frame photos. While cleaning the glass for the frame, she told me "Be careful not to cut yourself. I always do." Helpful words.

That's about all that happened. There was some pretty interesting stuff when we went into town to buy groceries from the local store. They had some U-nique decorations up, including but not limited to: homemade signs, race car wheels, newspaper clippings and trophy deer heads.

Oh, North.

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