Monday, December 22, 2008

SRAM Time Trial Ring

This wonderful SRAM TT chainring (mentioned in an earlier post), which proclaims 'SRAM!!!' from hundreds of yards away, originated from this sketch:

I came across this sketch earlier today when scanning some other stuff from my sketch book. I've always enjoyed looking through design books and seeing important logos and things that originated from simple sketches, like Citi:

I've also been thinking about what people might find interesting from a graphic designer working in the bike industry. A graphic designer working in the bike industry, you think. Pretty specific.

I'm thinking about that specifically because soon I'll be 'tweeting' on Twitter about Hayes as "HayesGraphics". I'm not sure exactly what I can and will talk about, but there'll probably be some sneak-peeks and hints about decals, packaging and print materials that I work on. I'm pretty excited to do so, because it's something I'd be interested in hearing about as a bike-crazy individual.


Dana said...

i added you on twitter! i am not a fan of the usage of "tweet" as the verb of what you do on twitter, but i like the idea in and of itself.

i always felt funny when turning in my sketchbooks this past semester because my sketches were always pretty vague and i wasn't sure if the teachers were expecting more, but it's good to see that i'm not alone in the minimal sketches!

Snacks said...

Yeah, I like the minimal sketch to just get down ideas. In this case I think you could look at it and get the gist of it. There are instances where you need more detailed sketches to really get a certain look or feel across, but sometimes you just need to convey the general idea or direction. Sometimes crappy is OK! Thank Goodness!