Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Rampage Photos

Black Ops Santa's outfit was made out of black clothes and towels safety pinned to resemble trim. I was disappointed to see John didn't take my advice to buy a regular Santa suit and a 10-pack of black Sharpie markers, but I think it turned out anyway. Cale's outfit was pretty imaginative, too. The pickins were slim, so he wound up buying a few pieces from a costume shop and the green shirt from Target. The belt was one I had laying around.

Here's Russell, trying to convince me that all I'm getting is a lump of coal. Before arriving at the Santa Rampage, I had entertained the idea of getting a picture on every Santa's lap. But geez, do you even know how many Santas there were?! I adjusted my goal and brought it down to one Santa.

Here's a group photo at Lakefront Brewery. I'm the one... oh, nevermind.

At the end of the day, the helmets went back on the wall as usual. Yet something was different...

The rest of my photos here.


Christopher said...

i just realized i still owe you for the calendar. i've forgotten where to paypal the money to. help a brother out?

Russell said...

At least you picked the bestest santa to sit on his lap.

Snacks said...

You can PayPal thanks for reminding me!