Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Biking and a Holiday Party

Friday brought tons of snow and tons of fun. (Above photo is of Cale wading through a drift). It was pretty windy out but not too cold, so Cale and I snuck outside to go for a bike ride. We decided to go downtown and check out the scene, and see if we get interviewed for being so brave. Alas, no news crews were out, but we had a good time riding along the streets and seeing the sights. Below photo is of me (could you recognize my sweet face through the cold weather gear?) with Andy's Pugsley, which is a specialty bike- the monster truck of the cycling world. Most people get it for snow biking, I think.

A bus was stuck on 3rd and Wisconsin- it looked like it had been abandoned hours before.

Here's Cale on his snow bike, heading back home down 3rd Street. Pretty wintry conditions.

...and me in our parking lot before we went in.

Last night Cale and I went to Gunnar and Kelly's Christmas part, which is always a classy affair. I got to wear my fancy dress that I got in Vegas- did you know that Vegas and I are on a first-name basis? No 'Las' needed. We're tight. Anyhow, we got all dolled up and hung out in luxury. It was an 'intimate' party because of the weather, as a few of the husbands and boyfriends are snow plow drivers that were needed. Nonetheless, it was a good little gathering.

Cale and I got a classic 'In-front-of-the-tree' photo as well, fuzzy though it may be.

The night drew to a close with Nick the dog puttin' the moves on my man.

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andrew.yeoman said...

This is the kind of blog post i really like. Friends of mine, just doing their thing, taking photos and being generally interesting. Looks like a great day.