Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm in the Olympics!

Kind of. But like all good news sources, I'll save that for last.

So what have I been up to lately? Working like mad to get some stuff done for Eurobike, mostly. Cale and I have started running as part of our training plan, and we're about three runs in. I'm enjoying it more than I ever did when I was in Cross Country, and we're making it hurt in places it didn't before. I'm wrapping my ankle to stave off ankle pains, and it's going well so far.

We've also started looking for apartments in earnest. We wanted to move in at the end of this month, but we started looking a little late. Oh well. Now we just have to plan moving around weekends stacked with weddings (Cale's going to be the best man) and races and, oh yeah, that week we go to Las Vegas. I think we'll have one main day to pack and move after getting back from that and before two races that weekend.

I didn't mention, we did find a place! It's actually the place we wanted above all others, a loft space that we thought had been taken because our calls weren't being returned. Luckily, it had been turned down. We were suspicious because a couple of people had passed on it, but it turned out to be utterly livable. It's small and strangely shaped, and won't fit all of our (15) bikes and dozens of wheelsets. But it was cheap and we negotiated an additional large heated storage area (very secure) that's about 5 yards from our door, and right next to the heated unloading area with a hose (for washing bikes!). Per.fect. And we can get put on a list right away for the next larger space available.

So we're excited to move. We got a new couch that we've been looking at- on sale, too! The best part about getting new couch is that the old one finally went away. It was an ugly dark plaid thing that a roommate left when she moved out. She tried to spin it like it was a gift, but the real gift would have been moving it out with her, or even just moving it to the nearest bonfire. In any case, it went out with a bang- literally. We tossed it off of the balcony into the driveway, then set it lovingly on the curb, where it has since been picked up by someone, or perhaps confiscated by the fashion police.

Behold the new couch!

I went for a bike fitting yesterday at Ben's Cycle and Fitness. Now, I know those guys to be terrible goofballs. Whenever Cale drives to Ben's, he usually finds lewd, crudely drawn smut tucked beneath his windshield wiper when he goes back out to his car. Before walking in, I try to get into a 'sexual innuendo' mode, so I'm not caught flat footed. (If you were really good at it, you could even spin that to be sexual, I'm sure).

But I digress. Basically what I'm wanting to say is that they're a little... goofy. But my fitting was amazingly good and very thorough. Maybe it was the butterfly shaped cookie I bribed Alan with, but he did a really nice job. I had never been fitted before, so it was cool to figure out why I had been going numb certain places getting sore in my knees. And did you know my sit bones are about 155mm apart? Hopefully not. They're kinda wide, and I could try a different saddle. I found out that shims will help me out with numbness and that my right thigh is probably about half an inch longer than my left (usually if one is longer, it's the left). Anyhow, I fully endorse going to Ben's for a very thorough fitting. Problems will be addressed.

So now the exciting stuff, the Olympic stuff. I designed this little beauty a while back at SRAM:

It was ridden to victory by Levi in the Tour of California, and now he's ridden it to a podium finish (bronze). Kinda cool. I just found out, too, that SRAM is going to produce it in a 42 tooth (or so the rumor goes) and that would mean I could put it on my cross bike!

The other thing that is even more exciting- Nay! you say, What could be more exciting than that?- is the Olympic edition Rock Shox fork.

It's hard to find a good photo of it online, but it's a fork with a dragon on the right leg that I drew. I can't take full credit for it, because it was finished after I left, but the original drawing was mine. It's being talked about because there were only about 13.5 produced and the general public won't ever get close enough to admire it IRL (in real life). So I'll take the little bit of credit that I can, because dang, does it ever look nice.

An inside scoop on it: I did a bunch of sketches for the dragon and chose the final because it worked well and also made a sort of capitol "E" and "J". The body was the E and the tip of the tail the J- the tail was eventually modified to wrap around the D of SID. So why EJ? Well, it was already practically spelling it out, and I have a friend named Emily Joy. I thought it would be neat and it didn't take anything away from the design, so why not? Heh, I think her husband was even more excited than she was, because he's big into mountain biking.

Well, with that, all of my bragging is done and you're caught up.

I would like to mention that there was a bad accident at the track this past Tuesday (I wasn't there) and that a young girl is slowly pulling herself out of a coma. If you're the praying type, it wouldn't hurt to mention her.

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