Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Immaculate Messenger Bag

Here's an update on the painting on my messenger bag. I've put her Immaculate Heart in, and the next step is a gold frame around the whole works and maybe some scripty or traditional (like a chiseled in stone look) text on the rest of the bag. I've got to figure out something fitting to write, though. Something to really 'put the fear of God into tailgaters,' as one friend said.

An update on my aches and pains from 24-9: the bottoms of my feet are still numb (likely a pinched nerve- it's happened before in my hands) and I've had a few small fits of coughing from the dust. The ol' knees are doing alright. My left one (which is much weaker than the right) was fussy today on a short road ride. Not too bad, though: my top speed during a sprint was 36.2 mph. I'm glad/lucky I didn't get injured, and it seems like I got off easy on the nagging maladies department.

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