Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Stripper

Now that I've got your attention, enjoy this photo blog of the past week or so. Cale took apart his cross bikes (the cream colored one was doubling as my road bike) and stripped them, getting 'em ready for a Team Pegasus paint job.

Thursday night we went out on Gunnar's dad's Boston Whaler, turning the whole lake green with envy. The waves were a little choppy, but it was fun riding on the bow and being bounced around. At one point, I think we got the whole boat out of the water, which is a mean feat. After we tired of near death experiences, we cruised up and down the river through downtown.

And last Saturday, I went home for my high school reunion and hung out with two good old friends at my parent's house. We went swimming in Ludden Lake, just like in the old days, and played fetch with the family dog, Carmel, who is a fetching fiend.

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