Friday, August 1, 2008

24-9 Preparation

24-9 preparation, aka running around trying to scrape things together.

We've been driving all over to pick up food, clif bars, shot bloks and energy drinks, along with last minute bike parts, etc. My aunt gave me some Shaklee drink mix that she swears by (she's a Shaklee dealer) and promised me that it would keep me hydrated and full of energy. When asked if it would keep me motivated, she changed the subject ;) I am worried about keeping positive, or even just sane. Racing has been stressing me out lately, and I hope 24-9 doesn't end with me sobbing in the fetal position at 4:00 AM in a rock garden. It could happen.

The other part of this week has been Cross Vegas troubles. Yesterday was my birthday, and after the birthday dinner wine, I quite forgot to stay up and register at midnight for the 'Wheelers and Dealers' race. Being as its limited to 100 people, I'd say I'm shit out of luck. The website got so many hits, it's still down and registration is suspended.

But that's not all! I had a flight and hotel room booked for the four days we're going to be there. The whole thing was about $350 a person- awesome deal. Then Midwest had to go and cancel their service to Las Vegas, which leaves us high and dry for getting home. Sure, we could fly out and then just live out the rest of our days in Nevada, but that seems a little rash to me. Travelocity informed me that they could set me up with a different return flight for only $700 more, which is more than the original trip, both ways with hotel room. No thanks. So the flight was canceled and we're back to square one.

It's been frustrating and I've been having kind of a bad week. I'm also going through handsome pro racer withdrawal since our Superweek dudes have left us. I've been frustrated and moping about my 'first world problems'. Meaning, I'm healthy and have a comfortable life, but complain about things like scheduling flights and getting what I want. Have I mentioned my cousin is traveling in Ghana and recently got Malaria and possibly Typhoid? Clearly I don't have it too badly. I'm happy to be healthy and mobile, and I hope I can shake my bad mood to enjoy it.

In fun stuff news, I finally decided what I wanted to paint on my messenger bag. I've always liked how pretty and serene a certain prayer card from my Grandfather's funeral has looked, and kinda wanted to paint it on my bag. Only recently did I get up the courage to do so, because it's a bit of an undertaking. Here's what it looks like so far:

She needs the glowing 'Immaculate Heart' in the center of her, then a gold halo, accents and frame, and she should be done. I'd say I'm about half way in my plan for the whole bag.

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