Monday, August 11, 2008

Midnight Oil

Up late, can't sleep. Too many things on my mind, like whether or not I need 300 count sheets (probably not) and workout regimens (going to be good). Rather than stare at the ceiling, I've been working some design magic for Interbike and Eurobike.

In some other work related news, I recently acquired a new (used) laptop that'll run a little faster than Ol' Trusty here (a little 4 yr old iBook). I just got a newer Powerbook G4 off of a friend for a good price, and once I beef it up with a few more gigs, the larger files I've been working on will be easier to work with: faster to save and not as slow to modify.

Speaking of files (check out that seamless lead-in), apparently the designs I made for t-shirts are starting to come out. Hm, maybe I shouldn't post them here. My massive readership will surely want multiple t-shirts in each style, and I don't know if supply could keep up with demand. The t-shirt companies will have to overwork their employees just to produce enough t-shirts, and that'll result in discontent and, inevitably, uprisings and well, it would only get worse from there. Not to mention, further back, the demand for cotton! But I guess I'll risk it: check out the t-shirts here. There are things I'd change, but for the most part I'd say it was a good first effort.

A little behind-the-scenes for you-all: The t-shirt below was proposed as a total joke, and I never actually thought it would get produced. I was getting frustrated with the Hayes shirt, because I didn't have any particularly good ideas. I was cruising along with the Manitou designs, but was just hitting a block when it came to disc brakes. Just for fun, and to fill out a sampler platter of sketches I was sending to my boss, I made a 'bling' sketch and a 'sexy lady' sketch. Unfortunately, the sexy lady sketch, which contained silhouettes of sexy ladies and text proclaiming "hayes disc brakes are sooo great!!1!" did not make the cut. But lucky for all of us, the cheesy bling idea squeaked through:

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Racerveza said...

Top of the list of improvements: better looking models.