Monday, September 12, 2011

Soft Indoor Cat?

The cat very much enjoys it here in Asheville. He's never been an outdoors cat, but here not only does he have all sorts of windows to look out over bushes teeming with birds, he's got a small fenced in yard to prowl around. He's been outside in 'the wild', too, but seems to prefer the safety of the fenced in area. There's plenty do to, like stalk the shrews that live all over the place. Bella, Robb's dog, has been hunting them for months but never caught one.

Imagine my surprise when the soft indoor cat caught his first shrew. (And three others since then, too!)

Bella was keenly interested.


I call this one The Killer.


At night, though, he turns into The Thriller.


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K8 said...

:) Can you use a gopro to document the triller attacking the shrew