Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ingenuity Fest

A couple of weekends ago, we journeyed up to Cleveland for a wedding. We got up there on Thursday night, and one of Robb's friends told him about an art show thing under a bridge. Vague, yes. I was picturing some guerrilla grunge art scene, but in fact it was a pretty big production; The Ingenuity Fest Cleveland.

It was 'under a bridge' not in the Red Hot Chili Peppers sense, but tucked under the full length of this bridge, where I believe they used to run street cars.


It was lit with colorful lights, and there were vendors and artists on either side, and a river of humanity in the middle.


Performing artists:




A project where artists were challenged to make chairs from recycled materials from the same factory (I think...)


This chair felt amaaaazing to roll around on. Like a massage for your buns. (The trick was to forget about acting cool/normal and just roll, because it was worth it.)


This was a printmaking booth- the selected volunteers from the audience to press the print under this rocking horse. (The cowboy hat was mandatory.)



Very unexpected, I was once again glad to know people much cooler than I. If not for them, I wouldn't hear about such things as the Ingenuity Fest. Hats off :)

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