Monday, September 19, 2011

Life Imitates Art, etc

This here's an update of weekday life.

Projects: I have a screen print from some friend-of-a-friend in college. It's a unique size and requires a custom frame. I always kinda liked this creeper, so I recently bought a custom frame for it. The old one was 1" wide, cherry wood 'look', broken and not quite the right size.

(Here's Snips showing you his creeper claws)

Creeper - old frame, and Snips

The new frame looks good, but it's 2" wide, and I don't think it looks quite so good as the old one. Uh, besides the fact that it's in one piece. Four sides definitely look better than three.

Creeper - New Frame

Like a creepy mustache, I think the thin frame looks better than the thick one.

I've got a lot of pictures of Snips these days, since working from home is Working With Cat.


Snips and Robb

Bella the Dog and Snips are getting along better these days.

Bella and Snips

Bella, Snips and Robb

Sometimes I leave the house during the week. You know, to grocery shop and occasionally ride. I'm getting into the habit of a Tues/Thurs ride with a few members of Team Hoffenchard at Bent Creek. Bent Creek's a lot like Kettles, but only 15 min away or so. Point, Asheville.


Eric and Kelly

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