Monday, September 12, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

The first week here, I chilled. I'm still working for Hayes, but moving from salaried to 30 hrs/week part time. They informed me that it would work best if they could have a week to get things set up, as it's kind of a unique situation for them. It was fine by me! I spent most of the week unpacking (though I did sneak out for a ride) and was glad for the time off.

That brings us up to my second weekend in town. Robb's parents visited and we toured the area, scouring shops and restaurants for Asheville's best. So much shopping! SO much eating!

We briefly visited the downtown area to check out the Lexington Avenue Arts & Fun Festival, aka a great excuse to dress up in costume outside of Halloween. There were some pretty cool vendors there, too.

Reminded me of my friend Asia and her deep yearning for a VW Van. (I know it's still there, honey.)


The Silver Drummer Girl. Robb said a friend of his recognized her outside of her silver paint and tried to date her. What tactics he used, or how aggressively he tried, I didn't ask.


There was bicycle jousting. (I did not participate. It seemed involved.)


On to some of the vendors!

These were part cool, part really badly sewn.


Um, and then a third part badly sewn.

Pretty cool paintings that remind me of an artist in Chicago. A little too distressed for my tastes, but I like the illustrations and the colors used.


Earrings made from scraps of paper left over from prints.


Cool earrings from - these were probably my favorite all day. There were different things like honeycombs, bees, lichen, coral and leaves sealed in resin. It reminded me of my grandma and her penchant for amber.


That was only a small part of our three day weekend, but my computer would probably freeze if I tried to cram it all in here.

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Rachel said...

I love Asheville! I'll be visiting within a year. Thanks!