Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

On the last visit home (this past weekend) it was the same ol', by which I mean the same 'ol great things I get to do when I'm home. I've said it before, but I like getting back out into the land I grew up around. City slickers could liken it to visiting a neighborhood they used to live in ;), except my 'neighborhood' is a good portion of Iowa County, filled with county highways and small towns.

And now, less pontification, more photography.

Trap shooting seems like it's becoming a tradition.

Trap Shooting

I'm only just raising the gun up to my shoulder in this photo, but I may as well have been shooting at the ground... I am awful at trap shooting.

Trap Shooting

We went out to Highland, WI to look at the work that's being done on the streams there, and to do a little fishing. Dad was the only one with a fishing license, so I happily took the camera out to do some shooting I'm arguably better at. Aim, shoot, success! The subject is in the frame, at least.

Spin Fishing

Spin Fishing

Brown Trout

Another nice trip home, in the kreel. Hah, fishing jokes.


Ohio Robb said...

glad i'm so active in these...holding fish and watching your dad load the shotgun. next post should just be those pics of me sleeping in the apartment.

Chris said...

hells yeah!!! brown trout!!!