Thursday, April 14, 2011


Tuesday night I visited a couple of my favorite places- the used book stores of downtown Milwaukee. I was looking for a specific book on minimalism, because I like the thrill of the hunt. You'd think every copy of that book would be littering thift stores across the country, because heaven forbid you have a book cluttering up your life, but no dice.

I liked digging around, anyway! Here are some things I found.

Cats! These two were grooming each other in a chair at Downtown Books. Groom on.

A room FULL of cassettes.

Some kinda neat vintage book covers.


On the third floor of Renaissance Books, I found a vintage book for the ladies. It must have been pretty scandalous in the 40's, right?

It's been a while since I visited these places... maybe since my birthday last summer. It's funny I don't go more often, because once I get in there I really enjoy looking around. Renaissance Books especially, because there are piles to sift through. It would drive some people crazy, but I love it. I'm always on the lookout for a few specific books, and though I rarely find one of them, that's the fun and excitement of it for me.

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Phil B said...

Books are amazing, aren't they? The scent, the sound of turning pages, the little treasures that one can find in the dark and forgotten corners... just about perfection.