Friday, April 15, 2011

Gallery Night

I've been doing it wrong all these years... the MIAD senior thesis show was good, as usual, but the Hide House is where it's at.

After getting home from work, there came an hour or so of "I'll get ready soon." and "Or... Maybe I'll just stay in..." Eventually I forced myself out into the cold, driving rain, armed with an umbrella and a resolve to see some art.




This is a photo of a photo, with reflections of two other photos in the glass over the first photo. Got it?


This girl had a few photos of dead animals. As soon as I saw them, I gave out an audible "Unh!" Doesn't everyone know that that's MY thing? (It's my thing.) I've got the Flickr group to prove it.


I left MIAD around 9:00 and almost didn't go to check out the Hide House. I know one of the artists there and wanted to check out her work. So onward my car flew through the stormy night, into the dark heart of Bayview. (This dramatic effect isn't all for your benefit- it's more like an accurate description of how badly I wanted to chill at home.) I made it, but only just! Again I had to park so far away, I think my parking spot might not have been in Wisconsin. Once inside, I found it was worth it. There were multiple bands, lots of food and wine, and best yet? It doesn't shut down at 9:00! Most of the downtown galleries shut down at 9, tidy and clean. The Hide House keeps rolling. I like a place that seems to say, "No thanks, you do things the way you want to do them downtown, but we're not done yet." Yeah.






After that, it was just a quick jaunt home, and inside for the night at last.

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