Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hail Yes!

Cue the thunder, cue the hail.

Earlier this morning it started hailing, and hard! It was really coming down. My first instinct was to grab a camera and run outside, but then I thought about what that would be like... trying to juggle an umbrella and take photos with the iPhone (It's what I'm using as a camera these days. Very awkward for one-handed use). And THEN I remembered my umbrella was out in my car, so I was now imagining trying to take photos while being pelted about the head and shoulders with pea sized hail. Not ideal.

So I opened a window, leaned out, snapped some pictures and retreated back indoors.



This also starts a theme for this weekend: weather as seen from inside my apartment.

Here's some late Saturday sunlight coming in through the painted windows.
Light in the Apartment

Some light on an unfinished painting in the living room area.
Light in the Apartment

Lest you think I was inside all weekend, I will happily inform you that I was outdoors all Saturday morning and early afternoon. I meant to do trail work, but my friend Pete and I went to the wrong parking lot to meet up with the crew, couldn't find the other parking lot, and weren't sure people were even at the other parking lot, anyway. So we wound up hiking on a scenic overlook and then did 7 or 8 miles at John Muir, instead. (A word for mountain bikers: the trails are still pretty muddy, as you might expect. Wah wah.) While we were walking it was perfectly cloudy, and darker underneath the tree cover. The light was so gray, I remarked that it could have been any time of the morning, afternoon or evening.

All in all, I'd call it an ordinary but interesting weekend for weather.

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