Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shoes, and other things near and dear to me.

I feel so smart. S-M-R-T! I am so smart! I'm not so good at the fashion, so it tickled me to find a pair of sandals at Target that look an awful lot like their more expensive Anthropologie counterpart.



I've got the shoe madness, folks. Warming temperatures remind me of bike rides on the city bike, remind me of sundresses, remind me of cute, pretty sandals. Aaahhh. Ladies, you with me?

Blog readers, sometimes you're just gonna have to bear with me. Some people are here to read about bikes, some people read to keep up with what I'm up to (ok, those are my relatives), some people are only around for Snips... ok, you're all around for Snips. We knows who runs the place.

Stayin' Cool

I could split up personal and cycling topics into two separate blogs, but I like having everything in one spot. So go ahead and skip the posts with with pictures of the apartment, or gloss over race reports. I won't make you read them.

We can all come together and agree that was a spectacular find on the sandals, though. Right? (Don't worry, Dad. I didn't buy either of them. I'm being responsible!)


D A N O said...

I think readers want you to just be you.... :)

Snacks said...

Good to hear and CAN DO!