Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Hayesed

I work with these dorks!

Hayesed Trailer from Thirsty Boy on Vimeo.

Getting Hayesed means we steal your bike, update it with the latest and greatest components, and you get a shock when you go to grab your bike. (You get your old parts back in a bag.) This woman is a mother of two (I believe) and brings her kids to ride Ray's all the time. She wrote a thank you note and baked us cookies! How nice.

The new Hayes Components site looks pretty good, too. It pains me to say I didn't have anything to do with it. However, I do believe I supplied the black and white logos of all our brands to the marketing firm who did, so... none of this could have happened without me.


Phil B said...

Found your site through some other site which I found through some other site, likely, which is all beside the point. Really enjoy your blog. You have done some impressive work and if Hayes ever wants to come to Alaska, they can Hayes my bike any time... (Daily commuter year round)

Keep up the awesome posts. I look forward to reading along.

Snacks said...

Thanks a lot! I'll try to keep it interesting :)