Monday, March 28, 2011

Home Improvement

After years of keeping an eye out for an awesome, affordable and easy-to-clean rug, I figured out that there is no such thing and decided to paint my own on the floor.

Painted Rug

Painted Rug

It's home improvement month, since I'm giving up the bike room and moving everything into the apartment. I've got the Vinyl Countdown cutter and workspace set up... here's a teaser of that space.

Fancy Pants

I started throwing supplies up there and noticed it was taking on an all-white artsy look. All of it's legit except the ball of twine. I did have it laying around, but I don't use it for vinyl work. I'll admit, it's purely decorative! I feel I make up for it by having made the pencil holder myself in a clay class in high school. (I got the anthro box with a gift card. Excessive packaging, yes, but at least it's been re-purposed.)

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