Monday, November 16, 2009


AAAaaahhhh! Can you believe it? As I said in the previous post, I haven't done a whole lot of honest-to-goodness racing this year. This past Saturday at Kletch Park, two women showed up, Lisa and Lindsey, and it was on. Lisa took off at the start, hanging onto Holly's wheel. I went at my own pace, not wanting to get going too quickly. That's right, I don't like to race cross races like a cross race.

Lindsey and I gradually caught up to Lisa and passed her. She hung out on the end of our train for most of the rest of the race. She would not be shaken! Shook? Shooken! Anyway, I lost track of how many laps we did, but it was plenty. (I think it was seven or maybe eight.) The race went like this, though: I had a little gap on Lindsey. She would catch up to me on the flats, and I would go as fast as I could, helter skelter, over the barriers where she was slower. On the hill I think we were about even.

I've been told a few times that it never looks like I'm racing. I'm mostly slackjawed and expressionless, so I put on my tough face for this one:


In the photo below, you can see Linday and Lisa behind me.


Anyway, maybe halfway through Lindsay caught up to me.

Long story short, I faked it. I was falling behind a little bit, maybe two yards or so, on the flats and then catching up all snug and tight on the barriers. (There's no doubt, if it hadn't been for the barriers, I would have gotten smoked.) I think I had just a little left, so I was 'faking it'- pretending that I felt Great and hoping to demoralize the competition. We were neck and neck for a while when she dropped back and I got a gap. Apparently, my ruse had worked.

I held that gap until about one to go, when it started closing. I kicked it in when I noticed, and held both Lindsay and Lisa, who was starting to come back up, off for the win. Ok, so it wasn't the win. But finally it felt like I had won something, that I had had good competition to duke it out with. I actually got on the podium, too, in third place.


You can't tell from the picture, but we're doing jazz hands.

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