Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Night

Halloween night, Cale and I went to a party with our friends Nick and Laurel. It was a really awesome party with extensive decorations and themed food. And there was Hammerschlagen in the dining room, too! All the costumes were imaginative and some were pretty involved. For instance, the hostess (below) was dressed as a hairless cat. She made the nipples from latex (homemade!) and the ears from pig ear chews. Apparently her dog wouldn't leave her alone while she was making the hat.

Also in the photo below is my costume, complete with pasties sewn onto the nude suit. I wore the beaded bra most of the time, but would let the pasties breathe every once in a while. Unfortunately, the headdress wasn't in effect during the party because of the low hanging cobwebs. Alas.

Hairless Cat Hostess

Nick and Laurel went as Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox (emphasis on Babe). Laurel had great makeup (it's what she does for a living) and made her tail, horns and ears out of a single piece of felt. I'm not going to make the comparison between that and Jesus feeding a whole table of people from one loaf of bread, but I'm just going to put it out there.

Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox

Cale went as a zombie, buying a costume so there was less work, and then later taking it apart and sewing the parts into some of his old clothes that he zombiefied. Less work, indeed.

Cale and I

Here, Aunt Jemima has a smoke and a Wheaties box poses for a picture.

Aunt Jemima lights up.

Wheaties Box

There was also a lovely rendition of Westley from The Pricess Bride (circa Fireswamp scene where his shoulder gets bitten) and a lion tamer. The lion tamer brought his puppy, who was wearing a lion costume. Cute.

After leaving the party, we were on our way to drop off Nick and Laurel when I spotted a group (gaggle? pack? murder?) of Tetris pieces. I pulled over (the four of us are in the cab of the truck, mind you) and we got a photo of all seven pieces interlocking.


After taking the photo one of them yelled, "Hey, can we get a ride? We can't fit in cabs!" After deliberating for like 1/10th of a second, we opened up the tailgate and seven Tetris and one sexy cop started piling in.

Seven Tetris and one sexy cop.

Very carefully, I drove the twelve of us (twelve! the truck was riding low.) down to Water Street, people honking and waving at us the whole way. All too soon, it seemed, the Tetris and sexy cop were piling out at a stoplight, with me yelling at Cale not to look up sexy cop's skirt from the back of the cab. "CALE!"

It was a good Halloween.

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