Friday, November 6, 2009


Which we all know stands for Fix Or Repair Daily...

Are you all ready for the next chapter in this saga?

Yesterday I got the mail and what do I see but an envelope from Ford with the words SAFETY RECALL NOTICE printed on it. I got excited while I was opening it up, thinking maybe they'd decided to recall the whole thing, but alas.

This did catch my attention, though:
Until you have the recall service preformed, park your vehicle outdoors away from structures to prevent a potential fire from spreading.


Oh. Hm.

In case you've got a '96 Ranger and are starting to sweat, here's the recall item:
Ford cannot be confident that over many years in service, a speed control deactivation switch installed on your vehicle will not leak brake fluid, posing the risk of a fire. This condition may occur either when the vehicle is parked or when it is being operated.

Well, whatever. I'll make an appointment soon, but since it hasn't spontaneously combusted yet (and come on, it's highly unlikely), I'll just keep driving it. You can bet I'll be smelling for smoke, though.


Elizabeth said...

I'm just going to put this out there...

But I actually know a women who's car spontaneously combusted in their driveway. They were lucky they didn't park it in their garage.

I can't find the pictures (I just looked) but the thing pretty much melted to her driveway!

So yeah, get that thing fixed!

Snacks said...

Well, it's always parked outside anyway, so the buildings are safe.

It'll continue to be on the "To Do... Soon" list.