Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Tornadoes have been a theme recently, starting with last week Thursday. On Thursday, Hurricane Treads hit our apartment :) A while back we signed up with the Tour of America's Dairyland to host some pro racers, like we've done in the past for Superweek.

To set the scene for those not in the know, we have a loft-style apartment of about 1100 sq ft, and then the bike room, which is maybe another 800 or so. We've got a futon in the apartment and two queen sized air mattresses out in the garage for guests. I feel a little bad- some racers/teams get hooked up with wealthy retirees with kids in college- private rooms galore. But I detail what we can offer, so teams that get saddled with us know what to expect and can refuse if they like.

Here's a picture of the apartment from NYE... still haven't taken down the Christmas lights. Well, they look good.
Holiday Style

Believe it or not, we manage to trap some pros every year with this set-up. This year's haul is a women's team with four racers and one husband (who also races). We were expecting them on Friday, so the apartment was still awaiting its last-minute cleaning when they arrived on Thursday. Yikes! I rushed home to pick up what I could.

It's fun having them, and they're great company and guests, but it's bizarre to have so many people in the house. As an only child, I'm just not used to this kind of energy! It's like in Fight Club when the narrator is walking through the house when it's full of Space Monkeys- the house has taken on a life of its own. The cat's never been happier, though. Soooo many people to rub his belly.

The second tornado was a literal one. On Monday, we went on Russell's Summer Solstice I Scream ride. Only problem was, someone invited a nasty storm and a tornado. When one of us got a flat near a McDonalds, we decided to take shelter.

McDonald's Stop

And order some shakes. It wasn't the quality custard that we had planned on, but it did the trick. After looking at the radar, we decided to make a run for it, because it looked like we could make it before the storm rolled in, and there weren't many other options. Off we went, into the rain.

Ben and Cale

Bubba and Russell, running from the storm.

We took a short cut and drilled it down the bike path, listening to the tornado sirens way off in the distance. So I don't give my parents a heart attack, I'll tell y'all right now we made it just fine (here's proof)...


...and missed the worst of it. Tornado encounter #2, we prevail. The weather's been most tempestuous lately. Big storms, and there are still tornadoes whipping through Chicago tonight. Sheesh.

To end it on a good note, tornado encounter #3 is a most pleasant one for all involved:

Go ahead and listen! It's a great song. I wouldn't have posted it otherwise.


D A N O said...

Awesome post! Nice diggs!

Head Honcho said...

I LOOOOVE Neko Case. I got a crush on her. Have for years.

Snacks said...

I've got a pretty big crush on her, too. So sexy and talented.