Tuesday, June 8, 2010

National Trails Day

Saturday Cale and I did some trail work for National Trails Day. There was a cook-out and a raffle- The General Store provided the eats and Hayes supplied a couple of forks, bars and wheel bags. We worked on rerouting a section of the Blue Loop, and I learned something about oak trees.


Under the ridge of dirt in front of Gary's right hand is an oak tree root he was hard at work burying. Oaks have sensitive roots, so we 'padded' this one with extra dirt and some rocks leading up to and away from it. Apparently the exposed roots don't like being run over by mountain bikers for very long, and it can hurt the trees. We left the rest of the root (not on the trail) exposed as it had been.

I'm happy I learned something new, and I'm so glad we have knowledgeable people out there helping us build sustainable trails.

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