Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday night, dad came into town for the Bucks game. Since it was against the Heat, who have a Marquette alumni playing for them, it was nearly sold out when I went to buy tickets. I like to use StubHub to get cheap game tickets, and it usually works really well, but this time when they sent me the confirmation email and whatnot, the tickets were not attached. I had to call in and spent about 45 min tracking them down. Just what was my $10 internet delivery fee for again?

Ugh. Ticket fiasco aside, it was a good time. Dad brought his bike in, so we rode to the game. I never thought I'd see the day, but here it is, dad riding in the city:

Dad biking in the city.

Anyway, the game was pretty uneventful, though there was a bad injury. We left after the 3rd quarter because the Bucks were getting trounced. I think the best part of the game was the jump rope troupe that performed the halftime show. Au revoir, Bradley Center.

Bucks v. Heat

When we got home, Cale and I helped dad install his new roof rack. There's one tray for dad's bike and a specialty tray for Sue's recumbent. After that we fell into bed and were up a while later for a Kettle Work Day. Dad came along for that, too, which was cool. We worked on the new Emma Carlin trail, I believe, and man, is it ever a doosy. There should be a refreshments stand halfway to the top.

Photo by Gomez

Rock Rearranging

Here's dad with one of the tools that's prevalent at work days, the McCloud.

Dad and McCloud

After that, Dad headed home and Cale and I intended on going for a road bike ride, but we were tired and it was windy and the moon was in the wrong phase... you name it. So we napped instead. That evening Cale dragged the VR trainer into the apartment and hooked it up to the TV. Better yet, he figured out how to do picture in picture, which lets me watch a movie on one part of the screen and keep track of my progress on the trainer on the other half. It's futuristic.

Here I'm watching Fight Club, along with the trainer screen small in the left hand corner, instead of picking up the apartment. Yikes, it's a little messy.

Trainer-ing with Picture in Picture

On Sunday, Cale and I practiced our mountain biking skillz in the parking lot next to our building. Funny story: the convenience store owner asked me later that day what we were up to. I would actually consider him a neighbor, in a sense. He's always working, and Cale and I have gotten on friendly terms with him.

After the parking lot lost its luster (read: I got frustrated and sick of practicing) we went out on the river trails. It was a lot of fun- they're in great condition. I tackled a lot of things that I haven't had the guts to try before. Cale took some videos of me, and it looked so easy (or lame) when I watched them. Maybe that will help make it easier for me to tackle again. I can just watch the videos a few times and say to myself, "See? That was easy, it's no big deal."

Riding the bridges/log over.

Riding the bridges/log over.

Videos here and here. They really are pretty simple things, but it's an accomplishment for me.

After the River Trails, we went to Joey and Emily's house for pancakes and sticky buns. Yum yum! It was a full house, and a good time.

After pancakes it was back home to bed again. Busy weekend. I spent a little more time arranging a trip I've got coming up. Next weekend I'm leaving for North Carolina (Hendersonville, to be exact) and it's going to be good! I'm so looking forward to the trails down there. It'll be great to get in a few longer rides for training.

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