Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bike Updates

I've got some samples of next year's fork decals layin' around, so I figure, I'll put some on my Minute fork. All told, this bike will have five components that have decals designed by me: fork, bars, wheels, stem (though it never made it to production) and brakes, when I get my paws on Prime. Sweet.

I've gotta admit, though, that the cool 'Tower' logo is not my work. Just the stripes template. The logo was designed by Jeremy Pettis, a designer I graduated from MIAD with. He's oozing with creativity, and I was glad to work with him on this. He also helped us out with Marvel and Circus.

What do I do with my other hand? Pocket it is.

Don't know if you guys caught it on the Pegasus website, but Cale and I went biking along the beach with a few friends this past Sunday. Here's the post on that.


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RAD! nice graphics too...