Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trip to the Vet

Snips was a farm kitten, so he came to us with some.. shall we say.. extra friends. Deadbeat friends who didn't contribute anything to the relationship. You could actually call them parasitic, in that respect. He also has an eye infection that needed attending to. So off to the vet we went. I don't have a carrier, but hey, a cage is a cage and he was going to hate it no matter what it was. So I grabbed up a big box (so he didn't feel too claustrophobic), cut a hole and dropped him in before he knew of the betrayal. I then whisked him out into the car, through the light rain. Here he is, enjoying a ride in the auto:

On the way to the vet, he chewed the hole bigger in his de-luxe carrier and got his head through. And then it was stuck. When I got into the vet's office, I hesitated before walking in. Here I was, bringing in a cat that had its head stuck in a makeshift animal carrier, aka a box from some Target dishes. I thought for sure they would purse their lips, shake their heads and shed a tear for the sweet animal with such a crude owner. But when I looked at this cat, his head stuck (but not painfully) in the box, all I could do was laugh. The humor pushed aside the shame. When I walked in, sheepishly smiling and presenting the box-cat, the receptionists started laughing and called the rest of the staff up to have a look at him. It's now his 'profile pic' for the vet's. Throughout the whole thing he was just kind of silent and resigned to his new fate of having his head stuck through a Target box for dinnerware.

We waited for a while (I took him fully out of the box) and then were shown to a room. We waited there for a while, and Snips got to explore a little bit and got to feeling a little more secure. The vet came in, asked me some questions and then called up to the front desk to tell them to check on something. While she was on the phone, Snips walked across the table, over the scale and onto a slanted desk with his papers on it. I watched as he leaned over and sniffed the vet, right before he slid off the desk, taking all the papers with him. Rather than make a move to stop him, I thought I'd just enjoy the show.

After she got all of her papers picked up, the vet examined, cleaned and vaccinated my poor little animal. He bore it like a champ, just kind of crouching down while he had Q-tips pushed in his ears, and needles administered. Since I've been cleaning his eyes, I think he kind of understands that we're 'cleaning' him with all the unpleasant stuff. So like I said, no biting, scratching or even meowing. Heh, when I was a kid it took four people to hold me down in order to x-ray me, until they explained that it wouldn't hurt. My four month old cat's got me beat!

Anyway, Snips is on the road to good health now, and I've got some lovely photos to forever remember his first trip to the vet's :)


El Duke said...

Very funny. Once when we took our three cats to the vet all at once, Betty (the cat that still lives with us), was put into one of those free cardboard animal carriers. She had a fit, and managed to push her head through the cardboard by gnawing and tearing at the breathing holes. It was very funny.

BTW, barn cats can be a lot of fun, they seem to be more courageous and outgoing than other cats that have spent their lives indoors.

Snacks said...

Luckily he's made a full recovery. His eye boogers went away after a day and a half, and he's got so much more energy now! Almost too much energy :) He has gotten a lot more outgoing since he's become familiar with the apartment.

It was quite the time taking one cat to the vet- I can't imagine three at once.