Thursday, November 6, 2008

Calendars = Bane

I've been working the past few days to finish up the calendar and get it out the door to the printer. It's been frustrating, because there have been a few companies that have been slow to get me logos. And getting people to hand in their photos has been like pulling teeth, for the most part. There were a few photographers that I will forever love for getting me the photos promised, but it's been tough to figure out the rest. I've had a few people cancel and others that held up the project calendar of the calendar project (heh heh). Now, I think I would be just as difficult to manage, and I understand that people are busy, but I can't help but play a sad song for myself.

Have I told you how tough it is to be me lately? Wooooeeee is meeeee.

Cale and I have been watching episodes of the Sopranos lately, and I can see now that I've set a bad precedent for next year's calendar. First, I do need to organize better and be clearer about deadlines and sales. But I've already shot my foot by not punishing those who ignored the deadlines that I served them. What would Tony do? The mob knows that you give an inch, they take a mile. Granted, I've already compromised myself, but next year I need to send muscle to peoples' homes, kidnap their dogs and threaten their mothers in order to get the calendar the respect it deserves. I bet if the mob were running the calendar, it would have been printed already, and not two days behind schedule. (Luckily I accounted for this when drawing up the original plans and it'll still be out when promised).

Anyhow, tonight was the last big push and I can stop working the late shift, trying to hustle sponsors (Minx helped me on that, though <3, and I did meet a bunch of cool people) design the months and put the squeeze on late photos and logos. Phwew. As much as I complain, though, I'm already planning to do it again. You know it can't be that bad :)

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