Sunday, November 2, 2008

Citizen Snips

Cale and I got a kitten a few weeks ago. It took a while to name him since he was at first scared of his new surroundings. You've gotta wait to name pets until they show a little of their true personality. After a few fun days of "We could name him..." we finally settled on a name. Not because it suits him so much as it's a pretty awesome name, and nothing else really rang true. One night while playing the naming game Cale said "How about Citizen Snips?" "Whassat?" I say. Cale then explains that it's a cartoon crab (from Futurama) with a bad attitude. A few days later I decide that that's what I've gotta go with. So we call him Snips for short.

At first he was really shy but now he's really affectionate. Most days while I work on the couch, he hangs out by me, napping on or around me. Above is a picture of him helping me work. Wouldn't want that hand to stray to the TV remote, right? Not a problem with a cat weighing it down.

When he's not hanging out with me during the day, he's holdin' it down in a plant.

This is his favorite plant, Monsieur Quigley (I got that name from a romance novel, where else?) We got some plants from Cale's mom and the kitten at first ate them, and then came to find out they could be used for napping and getting dirty, simultaneously.

All in all, he's a pretty good cat.

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