Monday, November 10, 2008

Estabrook Photos

Djonnymac of BKB took these photos. His Flickr site is here. He always takes lots of photos, and I know a lot of us appreciate it. What's all the joy and suffering worth if you don't have photographic evidence of it to show your friends, or your mom?

From Estabrook, a few images of me running up the run-up (that's what you do on run-ups, you know)

I think this lady is going for the gummi hand-up that Cale was trying to hand out (gummi Halloween candy in the shapes of body parts)

And this guy is all about the 'traditional' PBR hand-ups.

Look at me go! It looks very much like I'm a double amputee with no legs below the knee.

The young man in the background appears to be performing a Jedi mind trick on someone. "This is not the racer you seek to beat."

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