Tuesday, June 24, 2008

TIREd of your car?

Here's the newest incarnation of the track bike. I bought some wheels off of Matt http://www.teampegasuscycling.com/?page_id=52 and got some pre-stretched tubulars from Jason http://www.teampegasuscycling.com/?page_id=44 and glued them up last night. What is there to say, but that I am awesome at gluing tires? It actually wasn't so painful, and Cale helped me to get the tires on the wheels. But I can't help thinking that someday there will be an advancement in glue technology. Someone will invent a glue that only needs one coat on the rim, and people will laugh about how cyclists back in the day used to have to do TWELVE COATS for every wheelset like we laugh about downtube shifters and drilled out chains today.

So my gluing session was pretty tame. Nothing went wrong, there were no anecdotes, and people glue tires every day. There's probably somebody in the city gluing one right now. As I was gluing, I was thinking, 'Should I blog about this or not?' Sure, it's cool to me but boring to everyone else. But right as I was holding the wheel down and Cale was adjusting the tire on it, there was an explosion. There was a car horn blaring and a strange light coming from across the block. Well, I pushed Cale out of the way (not really) and booked it for the door.

Someone's car exploded and all the neighbors were out in the street. One of them said he saw the car start smoking, a guy ran out of it and then flames started coming out. he thought maybe the guy had stolen it and was getting rid of it.

But the whole thing was exactly like that Dane Cook bit where there's a car accident and everyone's saying what they were doing "Well, I was cleaning a dish..." and helping/hindering the authorities. One neighbor was like "I was on the phone and I felt the blast when it exploded, so I said 'I have to go' and then I hurried outside" and another was telling what he had seen to the fire fighter.

So nobody got hurt and nobody knows whose car it was. The city removed it at 2AM, which I thought was rather inconsiderate. And that's the end of my gluing story, which only made the blog because of an explosion.

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