Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Picture Parade

There have been a few happenings that don't really fit into the usual race reports, and it was a full weekend! I'm going to cram a bunch of stuff into one post...

On Friday Cale and I cut out early to do some camping at Ledge Park in Horicon. We had the whole day to ourselves, so we decided to stop and smell the World's Largest Cabela's on the ride up there. Whilst there we saw many wonderful things, including two dueling jackelopes (price: $179.00). We accidentally broke a lone jackelope (price:$99) (I love telling this story) and were sure we'd have to buy it, but luckily they were very nice and let us off. However, it would have made a great story.

So we got to Ledge Park and hiked around a little after setting up camp. The place was packed, and we actually got the very last site w/o electricity. What it did have, though, was mosquitoes. God, the mosquitoes! I've never seen so many. Stand still for 20 seconds- no, 15 seconds, and when you moved again 10 would fly off of you. Needless to say, after we got done with the hike, we hightailed it into town to purchase some bug spray. We coated ourselves with deet directly after coming out of the store, four feet from the door.

The next was the Giro d'Grafton, which I've already bored you about. What I did not show you, though were the pictures taken of prize money stuffed in a little black bikini top. No, not me, but Lyle and Jason Nine. Those boys have taught me a thing or two about sexpot looks:

Last but not least, on Sunday Cale, Jon Royal and Elizabeth and I headed for Kettles. We met Gary and Bethany and their two beasts (Cecil and Bodhi) and hit the trails. It was enjoyable but again, the mosquitoes! In any case, I took sadistic pleasure in making Elizabeth try the same logover five times (photo below). She's new to mountain biking (but getting in a lot of hours and improving fast) and I can remember when I was new to it. Cale and Preston would make me do things I really didn't want to do, but when I gritted my teeth got it down, it was worth it. I'm enjoying making someone else suffer it.

And that's about it. I like to think I make up for being on the computer all day by running all over God's creation on the weekends.

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