Monday, June 2, 2008

Cedarburg Ambulations

Yesterday we also took advantage of the lovely weather- Cale and I went up to Cedarburg where we got in a 37 mile ride before doing dinner. The long and short of things, good weather, good course and lovely scenery (only a few smelly rancid dead animals, too) and a nice slow pace, probably only about 20, 21 mph. Juuust kidding. It was way slow. I basically dug my heels in and refused to get a good workout, since we'd been out the day before and had an active week. Still, I practiced getting up those hills and can feel it a little today. I never realized before how much being sick can take it out of you. I'm feeling much better but am still a wimpy weakling. The lactic acid kicks in so quickly!

On the up side, we made a quick stop for a picture at Elevendick park. Get it? Eh heh heh heh.

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