Monday, June 9, 2008


Last... Thursday, it was, we went out for a road ride, and it was clear to me that I had to wear my new hot pink skinsuit, aka onesie. We went through downtown, catching some glances, and up along the familiar route one usually takes when going North. We must have just missed several group rides, because we saw a few pelotons going the opposite way, from club rides to the jrs of ISCorp. But anyhow, we went up and around in a loop and dropped back down. Is there much else to say about a training ride? What's more exciting is mowing the lawn in your skinsuit right after getting back from a training ride.

Well, I guess there was one cool thing about the ride. On the way home on KK, we saw someone setting up a garage sale. But not just any garage sale! This person had several dozen mannequins to sell!

We're talking a large amount of mannequins. The first picture only represents maybe a third or fourth of them. I went the next day to check out the sale and take some pictures, and while I didn't purchase any new plastic friends, I did get something so useless I would have been sane to pass it up:

Half of a brass horse. A male horse. It brings new meaning to the saying 'brass balls.'

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Chris said...

good to see you kept the helmet on for safety